Jeremiah 24: Questions and Answers.

November 19, 2020 in Today's Q&A by TGV

Bible Study Guide/ Jeremiah 24, (24-BSG-24J)/ Questions And Answers.


[1] What is this chapter all about? (24:1-10) The vision two baskets of figs. Here we see the good and the bad figs: the hope of the disciplined believer and the tragic fate of the wicked.

[2] When was Jeremiah shown the two baskets of figs? (24:1) The event took place after the exile of 597 B.C.

[3] What is the significance of the site of this vision? (24:1c). “The Lord showed me [in a vision] two baskets of figs set before the temple of the Lord.” The mentioning of the Temple indicates a problem—a worship problem (Judah had rebelled against the LORD).

[4] What was the function of figs? The figs were an offering given to the priests at the temple.  “The description of these figs and the location of the baskets “in front of the temple” (v. 1) suggest that this is a kind of first-fruits offering.” (NIV Biblical Theology Study Bible/ Jer 24:2).

  • For Further Study/ OFFERING OF THE FIRST FRUITS – (see Ex 23:19; 34:26; Lev 2:11-16; Num. 18: 8-13; Dt 26:1-11; Neh. 10:35-39; 13:31; Pr 3:9-10; Rom 11:16).

[5] What was in the two baskets? (24:2-3) One basket was filled with good, fresh figs; while the other was filled with bad figs – “very bad, so rotten that they cannot be eaten.” (AMP).

[6] The good figs represented what? (24:4-5) The Jews who would be carried into captivity.

[7] What makes you think that those who were sent into captivity were the good figs? The answer is given in the next verses (Jer. 24:6-7).

  • God would discipline them for their own good;
  • God would take care of them while in exile;
  • God would watch over and protected them there;
  • God would restore them –(bring them back to Judah);
  • God would build them up, heal them of their apostasy, and give them security.

[8] What else would God do to this group? (24:7) He would work in their hearts to know Him -that He alone is the true and living God. Note that some would repent, return to Him, and renew their relationship with Him –(this is a very good news!)

[9] The bad figs represented what? (8-10) Unrepentant Sinners: the Jews left behind in Judah and Egypt.

[10] What three specific things would God do to this group? (24:8-10)

  • He would judge/ abandon the king (Zedekiah), his officials, and ‘the remnant of Jerusalem’ due to their sins, (cf. Jer. 2:1–37; 17:1–21; 21:1–22:30; 23:9–40).
  • He would make them an object of scorn – “a focus of ridicule and disappointment [tossed back and forth] among all the kingdoms of the earth” (AMP). Note: This refers to all future exiles –the Babylonian exile in 586 B.C. and the Roman exile in 70 A.D. – (cf. Mt. 23:38).
  • He would use war as a means to execute His judgment: He would send “the sword, famine and virulent disease among them until they are consumed.” (AMP)
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