The Red Sea Crossing

April 2, 2022 in Today's Worship by TGV

Exodus 14: Worship Guide/ 2-BSG-14A, (Exodus 14:1-31)/ Theme: The Red Sea Crossing/ Hymn: Fear not, little flock [Author: Paul Rader (1921)].


Exploration: God will fight for you! — (Read Ex 14:13-14, 25; 15:3; Dt 1:30; 3:22; 20:4; Josh 23:3, 10; 2 Chr. 20:17, 29; Neh. 4:20; Ps 46:10)

Reflection: This is perhaps the most amplified event in the history of Israel as a Nation. After suffering under Egyptian tyranny, the day had finally come when the LORD would deliver them once and for good. On that day, God knew what He was doing! God told the people to encamp before the sea (Ex 14:1-2). He knew the end from the beginning –that Pharaoh would harden his heart, that the Egyptians would chase Israel fiercely, closing in on them, that He would gain honor upon “Pharoah, his chariots, and his horsemen” (v. 18), and that those Egyptians who remained alive would know Yahweh was the God of the Israelites (Ex 14:4)

Devotional Implication: Despite their observing the seven plagues upon the Egyptians, the first Passover, despite them having favor with their Egyptian masters and neighbors, despite receiving into their hands all the wealth of the Egyptians, the people still did not have faith in their God! Do not fear! Stand still and see! (Ex. 14:13). God knew every detail of this climatic event beforehand. He knew the outcome, but the people did not. They needed to learn to have faith in this incredible act of deliverance.

Moses had no idea how God would help them cross the Red Sea, as best as we can tell. Moses knew the situation was so dire that the only deliverance would have to be divine! But what exactly would God do? And this is the point I want to emphasize: we don’t need to know all the details; we simply need to believe! Today, we often don’t understand the whys of the situations we are currently living under, but God does! And that should be all that matters. God knows His plans for us — plans of hope and a future (Jer. 29:11). Beloved, lets us embrace this God who loves us so much, who Has spent everything to reach and save us (Jn 3:16). Let us forever be grateful for His unconditional love and guidance, for His protection and providence in our life.

The Gospel’s Voice: This section is written as if God were speaking directly to you—because He does. What does the LORD say to me this morning? My son, the Red Sea parting was primarily to honor Me (Ex. 7:5, 17) –the Egyptians would come to recognize Me as the LORD (Israel’s God) who is superior to their gods. You will have the “Red Sea” ahead of you in this life! You will have haters, persecutors, adversaries, etc. You will have mountains you cannot climb alone, tough battles you cannot solve on your own. You need help; you need Me. It would be best if you had faith in My power to solve whatever comes your way. Trust Me – (repent, obey, take that first step of faith) –and watch Me fight for you. Would you?

My Desire: By God’s grace, I want to – (1) stop fearing, (2) believe in God’s power, and (3) “standstill” and watch God fight my battles.

Have A Blessed Day: “And Moses said to the people, “Do not be afraid. Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord, which He will accomplish for you today. For the Egyptians whom you see today, you shall see again no more forever. The Lord will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace.” (Exodus 14:13–14, NKJV)


Worship Through Singing: “Fear Not, Little Flock” [Author: Paul Rader (1921)].

Fear not, little flock, from the cross to the throne,
From death into life He went for His own;
All power in earth, all power above,
Is given to Him for the flock of His love.

Only believe, only believe;
All things are possible, only believe;
Only believe, only believe;
All things are possible, only believe.

Fear not, little flock, He goeth ahead,
Your Shepherd selecteth the path you must tread;
The waters of Marah He’ll sweeten for thee,
He drank all the bitter in Gethsemane.

Fear not, little flock, whatever your lot,
He enters all rooms, “the doors being shut,”
He never forsakes; He never is gone,
So, count on His presence in darkness and dawn.


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