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Projects Overview

  • Plot No:137/RRA/350 (Kasino Hamlet, Rorya, Mara, Tanzania).
  • Project Permit No: HWR/DLO/RA/75/97
  • Project Engineer: Alphonse Ogada (255-739 347 059)
  • Project Contractor: GAT Engineering CO. LTD.
  • Site Foreman: Mr. Greshon Mussa (255 765 280 261)

List of Buildings by Department

Main Building (Admin/ Ministry Block)

Dormitory Block

Dormitory floorplan

The plan is to have six -two-story buildings (3 Girls' Dormitories; 3 Boys' Dormitories)—each building to house 128 students. The estimated cost per building is $300,000. With your help, we can raise this amount soon and begin building the unit. Your gift, regardless of size, will bring new students one step closer to their new home, and this is something we wholeheartedly welcome.

Campus Cafeteria

Cafeteria Floorplan

The plan is to have a large Campus Cafeteria to feed about 1,000 students. This cafeteria will be a place to relax, enjoy meals, become nourished, and socialize with peers, offering a break from classroom work. Mealtimes at the TGV cafeteria will promote healthy eating habits and encourage students to eat a balanced diet. A bigger cafeteria would help our students reduce the lunch line by half, allowing more time to eat, relax, and hang out with friends. The estimated cost for this project is $300,000.

Worship/ Evangelism Center (Studio B)

Church Floorplan

This is where we will gather for daily worship. The plan is to have a massive Worship Center to seat about 1,000 students. Morning and evening services will be for all staff and students, hence a Christian School. This project is estimated to cost about $480,000.

Staff Housing

Staff Quarters (Academy), Staff Quarters (Ministry), Staff Quarters (Evangelists). Because of high housing costs, the TGV is located in the village, and there are no rental apartments for teachers (like in most towns), we have no option but to add this project to our budget. Readily available housing for teachers would mean less stress, enough rest, and availability at a moment's notice. They will also safeguard our students. We desperately need to keep the best teachers in the classroom with their students. Please help us achieve this goal. This project is estimated to cost about USD 950,000.

Clean Water Project

Why this Project? Contaminated water can transmit diarrhea, cholera, dysentery, typhoid, and polio. Typhoid Fever, for example, spread through contaminated food, unsafe water, and poor sanitation, can lead to death (since we do not have a hospital nearby), which is highly contagious. Thus, safe and readily available water is essential for the student's health and the community, whether used for drinking, domestic use, food preparation, or recreational purposes. We need to hire an engineering company specializing in water well drilling services -- from an underground aquifer (boreholes). This project will help us have a self-sufficient source of water, at the same time, help save money. The estimated cost for Hydrogeological Survey, Borehole Drilling, Borehole flushing, and Pump Installation is 32,000 USD (for four installations)

Ministry Production/ Warehouse Block

This is where we will process all printed materials and other related materials for Bible Studies, correspondences, etc.


Why do we need this on Campus? Many people in Tanzania, especially those in the villages, die from Malaria. Some pass on their way to the Hospital (which is located in Musoma, (a three hours drive). We need Clinic and Medical personnel on the ground 24/7 if we have these many students. Secondly, this clinic will serve the community around us (the villagers), offering first aid, minor treatments, and preventative measures. This project costs roughly $600,000 (building costs plus medical equipment).

Guest House A-B

There will be two self-contained residential houses where our visitors (and international donors) can stay when they see and review our work in Tanzania.

TGV Academy

Classrooms blueprint

Classroom Building. The plan is to have four-two-story buildings. According to the Floor Plan, one building will have eight classes to accommodate 40 students (320 students per building). Thus, the four buildings will give us enough space to accommodate pre-K, Elementary, Middle, Secondary, and High School. The estimated cost per building is 664,804,754/ Tanzanian Shillings (see the BQS, “Bill of Quantity Summary”). This amount is equivalent to 302,183/ US Dollars.

Other Essential Projects

Electricity, Internet

Do We Need Your Help?

Yes, we do! In fact, given the magnitude of this project. There's no way we can pull this together on our own. We welcome your input as well as financial support. We hope you will be touched by this project and extend a helping hand as you invest in the lives of our young people. We appreciate your partnership and support!

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