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Our Story

How did The Gospel’s Voice get started?

Originally, TGV began as “SAUTI YA INJILI, a simple (Swahili) Tape Ministry for individual WhatsApp users back in June 2014.

As the team behind this ministry saw increasing demand and interest, they saw it fit to come up with a website.

Reasons for a Website

People viewing the website

The idea was warmly embraced, put into action, and quickly began developing a sermon website.

Why the name “The Gospel’s Voice?”

There are many voices in the world today. (cf. 1 Corinthians 14:10). We hear them speaking from Hollywood, through Movies and Television, through Worldly Music, New-Papers, Books, Politics, etc. Many ideals, philosophies, beliefs, religions, and even ministries speak many things, but people need the voice of the Gospel. TGV is here to remind the world that there is only ONE VOICE. That voice is none other than that of Christ Jesus. He is THE GOSPEL.

Listen to what He says in (John 10: 27) “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me” (NASB). Then He said to them (Mark 4:24a), “Take heed what you hear” (NKJV). Beloved, do not believe every spirit (every voice), but test the spirits (every voice), whether they are of God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world. (1 John 4:1) NKJV

Our Method— The Gospel’s Voice (TGV) is dedicated to proclaiming the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ. In this ministry, you will hear:

Who runs The Gospel’s Voice Ministries?

How Can I Get Involved?


“TGV has been very dear to my heart. Over the years, God has used the messages from TGV to bring me hope, healing, and enlightenment. I have also shared countless messages that have blessed me so they can bless others, too. Thank you for this wonderful ministry.”— (Joel A| Dec 14, 2019).
“This ministry has really helped me grow spiritually. In my busy schedule, there’s no way I could have followed every chapter of the Bible if it were not for the TGV ministry. Continue doing the good work!”— (Deus S| Jan 27, 2020).
“Thank you so much, God’s servants, for what you do. We follow your posts and daily teachings and are truly blessed.”— (James G| Apr 8, 2021).
“Thank you for the powerful sermons and study guides. I downloaded your App and am able to get the gospel in my native language (Kiswahili). May the Lord add a special blessing on the team behind this ministry.”— (Neema J| June 2, 2022)
“Thank you for all the hard work of preparing and organizing these Bible Lessons. I get your emails daily, and I am blessed. May God continue to bless your ministry!”— (Jacob Z| Aug 7, 2022)
“TGV is a blessing! We thank the Almighty for your ministry! May He bless this ministry as it grows and expands to the ends of the Earth.”— (Deborah C| Sept 6, 2022).
“I love the TGV App! Spiritual food anytime—day and night! This App is simple but well-designed/ organized. If reading every chapter of the Bible daily, this is your go-to App.”— (Florance O| Feb 4, 2023)
“Every Word! Jesus conquered the Devil with It is Written! Once again, thank you for the latest Devotional site. If you want short devotion, kindly visit here.”— (Nyiramba L| May 10, 2023)
“My favorite segment on this platform is the “Worship Guide.” Every day, I get a chance to hear directly from God and recommit my life to Him. May God continue to use you as you prepare these lessons and lead many to Jesus.”— (Boaz C| June 8, 2023)
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